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Sic Sic Sic...

Lung Dung
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No good story starts without "One day i was cooking meth and painting my room with puke pink poka dots" and this one is no exception. After the paint dried and my home exploded in a violent crimson fireball i went to the mountains to contemplate a number of problems in my life. In cup noodle drug cocktail haze i wondered for many days and many nights. Four condoms and an equal number of hookers later it was decided by a committee of my peers that i should spread the word of god to the masses. The committee, staffed by cross dressers, ninjas, and a German physicist named “Adolf Himler”, came to the conclusion that as an atheist the only clear god was David Hassalhoff. Sadly worshipers of the one true god had to compete with such falsehoods as Christianity and Krishna. Our religion faltered when high priest pope rabbi high cabbage lord failed to present the church opinion on the usefulness of fried cheese products. I was sentenced to two weeks in a forced labor camp in Las Vegas, where i was forced to spend exorbitant amounts of money on sex, drugs, sex, and other more powerful forms of intoxication.